Free CNC simulator

Fagor Automation has the CNC simulation software available for free download from their corporate website

Simulador CNC gratuito

This CNC software offers you a complete tool for programming the whole part at any external PC comfortably and productively. Thus, thanks to the simulator, you will be able to create, optimize and check the programs directly at a PC and then transfer them to the machine, consequently speeding up your work considerably.

As opposed to Cad-Cam software that do not take into consideration the dynamics of the machine, the Fagor simulator faithfully reproduces the behavior of the machine respecting the accelerations, speeds, etc. that are actually being used, thus providing an exact and real machining time estimate for the finished part.

It will be possible to download this software for free and it will never expire. It will be possible to use any size of programs.

Its most common use will be:

  • Technical training for programmers and operators in training centers.
  • Editing/Simulation in design departments.
  • Machining time estimate.
  • Quotation preparation.

The free version covers the most classic milling machines and lathes. A commencial version with more features will also be available, in order to simulate more complex machines.

free simulator screenFagor Automation, besides updating the free simulator version with new features and functions, has added programming examples for lathe and milling.

Programming examples have been included because they have been requested by people who downloaded it and are using it. We think that they are very helpful for training those who are not familiar with Fagor Automation CNCs.

Just click here to download the simulator:


Free Simulator Download